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Related article: Date : Sun, February 20, 2005 18 11 -0500 52nd From: Wyzman34 aol. com Lolita Pthc Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 11 Brother 2 Brother -n to Michael Martell Chapter 11 : Eric was the third day of my trip to Atlanta. I started packing my things in my head to my next destination in the promotional tour and the hotel rang phone. When I replied that I was not surprised to hear, is my agent, Karen 's voice s on the other end, but it was because I had to say, surprised. Apparently, the publisher has heard great things about me and the Tour and after much to ask and request that they decided to visit my stay in the ATL for three days. All my other dates were removed, and suitable accommodation could be made. While in Atlanta, I would do a , which appear throughout the year in some of the most popular ' urban radio ' stations, a couple of more talk shows and radio broadcasts and is no longer \\ \\ n autograph sessions. Karen was very excited and happy for me. But I just wanted to to be everywhere. Let expis located. was the second day that things got interesting. When I woke up I was the driver, Noble, sitting in front of the TV, BET, to be exact. He was dressed in and appeared to be completely broken drunk from the head. He looked at me and smiled and gave me a bright morning good. I replied and went to the shower and took a long, hot shower. The hot water felt wonderful, so wonderful that I closed my eyes s. I think I would sleep, but the next thing I knew is that the shower curtain opened, and there was to evaluate Noble, stripped naked and looking Damn Hot sexy! No words were spoken, when he got into the shower with me. that hugged and then melted in a hot and passionate kiss. When our lips and tongues danced and mocked other hand mouth explored our bodies. The body that was touched was hot and burning with sexual fire that was overwhelming. Here I was in the shower with this sexy Brotha with ass good, hard, firm body and all the wild sexThe energy of each man wants. I was thinking about the tour. I was not thinking in my book. I s not thinking about Jermaine. I tried Noble and thought it was what I wanted. I Lolita Pthc kissed her breasts, licking my nipples, fingers always teasing each of my body. I could not. I had to have. " Are you? " Noble asked. " Yes," I said without hesitation. Noble smiled and then turned around and presented her ass good, solid beige to me. Have Mercy, JESUS! That was an ass very well and tight. I applied a handful of health foam and inserted my dick and we set off and fucking. I Nutt wanted to fly me there. Noble moaned my name over n again as I fucked for my worth. I was fucking her so hard that name was on the wall of the shower. " Eric! " Noble called out my name when I slipped into it. "ERIC " There was a series of hard knocks and I awoke. I was standing Shower and wet caressing my throbbing thick foam. Tapping continued and was followed by Noble called by my name on the other side of the door of the bathroom. " Yeah!" I called, when rinsed in a hurry. " We better go before we're late. " N I looked at my cock still rock hard and throbbing. There no way I was going around like this. "According to Noble, " I said, "you get the car kill him, and go in five minutes. " There was a pause before answering. " Are you sure? " " Yes It will not last long. " I replied. "Aight you see in a few. " N he said. that a sigh. What the hell was going on? Actually, I knew what was going on. I was with what was going on with Jermaine and I was confused and I dresses, dresses terribly Noble. I have no time to making my dick n so just out of the shower, I dried off, and started itself. I got dressed and walked out the door in 5 minutes, I skipped my lotioning my usual routine body. grabBed and started dialing my phone number Jermaine cell phone. I had to talk to him. We needed to talk. n ot spoken since I was here. His cell phone rang, he took his voice mail. I could hear his sexy voice. I missed him. I left message. I told him I love Lolita Pthc him and I miss him and I needed wanted to talk to him. I ended the conversation and the elevator door opened. When I walked into my eyes widened as he looked from face to face plate, is ex Mohammed. Brett looked at me as if I had seen the same unwanted ghost from the past that I had. The elevator door closed, and the feeling of clumsiness filled the small room like a giant elephant. " Hello Eric," Brett said after a few seconds of awkward silence. "Hi Brett, " I replied. "What are you doing in Atlanta? " He asked, I think he wanted n be courteous and conversation. " I'm on tour. " "On Tour", asked for advice. The question, let me know on his face that he no idea. " for my book. I am a professionalTourist travel. " " You have a book? "I do not like the tone of his voice. He s been a great surprise as it sounds. Brett I knew enough to know it was writers " Yes "I replied with an attitude. Brett frowned and looked away shortly. " I'm sorry. I do not want to sound like this. I knew that not only to know... " He paused and cleared his throat. " Congratulations. " " Thanks, " I replied," What brings you to Atlanta? " " I had a job, " Brett said, looking at his shoes. " Even as a model? "Questions I. " Yes.. well, a little, but I do other things. "Brett I looked and I could see there was something different about him not n only physically, but emotionally it was. What happened to you him since he broke with Mohammed he had caused, but if good is o pity that I did not know nor care. "how to Mohammed and Jamal? " Board she asked suddenly. I was surprised , but that's not too much. I thought he would have asked about Mohammed before. " You are dOing well, " I do not know why, I replied. I did not want has the right to Mohammed Jamal continues to call, but I will answer for any reason. was about to ask me something else thing, but stopped the elevator in the foyer and how the people we have and we went our separate ways. When n to walk towards the door of the hotel, I decided to Jermaine experiments no house. the phone rang twice, and the third ring was lifted, but the was not the voice of Jermaine. "sorry, wrong number. "I said, looking my ​​phone and saw that my number was correct. " Who are you lookin for, " asked the voice. N " Jermaine Robinson, "I replied. something is wrong here. " You got the right place," said the voice, and my blood ran cold. " Well... "I said slowly try to stay calm and quiet. " It has to... " I paused, as if trying to remember the name of these dogs. " I'm Curtis, "he said, sounding as if it belonged to her ass. I getting angrier by the second. " Curtis... "I whistleed his name accursed. I wanted to hang up. I should be hanged, but could not. " So you have to be Jermaine man? " There was a pause before answering. "Well, we just started and all the other side is" Who am I? Who am I ? I am the son of a bitch, whose husband, your ass is bad done with, which is what I am. " Hello? " Curtis said. " I have to go, I'll call back later ?" "Are you there," " Yes," he said, I added the phone when you broke my heart. I could not believe it. I could not believe it, it. I could not believe it. My headache, my heart hurts so much n almost could not breathe. Tears streamed down my face and I did not know care. My knees are weak, he could barely move. I did not know s of somebody calling my name until she felt someone touch his shoulder. It was Noble. " Eric? Are you okay? " He asked, his voice full of concern. that they did not or could not speak. Noble walked me to the limo and helped me in the back. He was behind me and closed the door. that sEMED in question, as asked again what happened. But I could not speak, could not say n absolutely nothing. All I felt was deeply hurt, betrayal, heartbreak, and pain. Jermaine How to do this to me? For us? Where the hell is Curtis against these punk and why he was in our house? The sobs came, yn long was full blown crying like a baby, while Noble was the Lolita Pthc noble noble in his arms. It never did, our planned event. Speaking known as Jaime Noble to me and I explained that I was sick and when I spoke it said it was not in a position now, and that if they talk to me, I would call back and with that he hung up. that s all day and night, Noble stayed with me while I cried and cried. I could not help , no matter what. Noble never asked him what was happening was only n me and when I finished, he put me to sleep. I awoke to the sound of my name softly called Noble. When I opened my ​​eyes was standing on my Lolita Pthc bed with my CELLPHone in the hand. " has been ringing nearly every hour during the last four years. " Noble said as I handed the phone. "It's the same name and phone number. " I picked up the phone and looked at the folding screen. The four calls, and they ran out doubt Jermaine four messages. I looked Noble, who had was my savior. He smiled and left my room. Before you call Jermaine I to hear your messages. The first was a simple message that, as n asked I did and call it later, and that he loved and lost n me. Bullshit. The second message sounded a bit worried and asked me to call him as soon as he received the message. The third message was worried, but demanding. I wanted to know where he was and why he had not called. Yes, guilty, the innocent as guilty as them. the fourth message has a totally different sound. "Eric," she began timidly, "I know that you call home. The is the number on the caller ID.... I know I have to talk to you... I \\ \\ n I have ne... ed to explain. Not what you think. Eric, please, I n want to lose. I do not want to do this. What has happened... What I did was wrong. Baby... it was wrong, wrong wrong. I love you, Eric. I love... Please, call me. Please, baby. I love... "His time had expired and the message was truncated. He has loved me. Yes, he loved me while he was sleeping another nigga in our bed, and he says he loves me ? You cursed me \\ \\ n furious. I dialed his number and I was ready to rumble. "Eric," said Jermaine pick up the phone on the first ring, "I thank God called him. " " They're not going to give thanks to God, after I'm done with you, motherfucker! "I broken. " You have every right to be angry... " " JERMAINE shut up ! "I cried. " How could you ! How could fuck you motherfuckers others in our bed? I can not believe this. You can not you think! It hurts so bad, Jermaine. "I started to mourn again. " I know, I know, "said Jermaine, and had the courage to mourn as well. " Why? Tell me why? "N " TheIC, "he began, " I still I love you. I'm in love... " " Jermaine shit! "I cut it. " You can not say you love me, and you fall in love with me, if you're going to fool me with some trick Trade ass piece found in the street. " " I did not find in the street, " if ever there was Jermaine, , and even seemed offended, I would say, dass n " OH NO BLACK You will not reach an attitude they have. No way! Fucked I'm learning the ATT - FUCKIN '- in this range have been fucked situation. " That's how the conversation went more or less. He told me that Curtis was a guy who had met at the club a few weeks ago while playing n pool. They began to talk and fight if off. one thing that others have and physics and has been for a while. Before Atlanta. Jermaine said he was scared and nervous about our relationship and the work pressure. needed someone to talk, and I was not there. that was typical shit, if someone is cheatingomeone else to blame so that others can not be there. I would not buy that and said to him. I loaded come to Atlanta, he refused and I had to do. Just wanted to be with his play on the page. He denied that but not Jermaine had more faith. I hung up and turned it off. I in my room and was surprised to see sitting there watching Noble BET. He looked at me, I had heard everything, but acted as if he did not. " Noble", I said, the determination of my voice. "I want to get drunk and burned. Can Hook Me Up" is Noble in less than an hour with a bottle of sleeping pills and eight of the weeds. While he was away, I called Karen and told him not is feeling well and asked if he could let Jaime know, because I really do not want talk to her. When I Noble was seen sitting on the couch the news. They were talking about Infamous, the rapper back awaiting trial for murder. Noble came to me on the couch. " I know him. " NOBLand, as I poured a glass of hypnotic. ", I thought the same thing when I saw you on TV with him. " I pointed out, such as I took a sip of the drink. I closed my eyes as he descended. DAMN! " Well, you know, we're brothers," Noble said when he was expertly n we get a set for each of us. " Cousins? " I said, I said, "Damn So what do you think of this goes with him and his opinion,.. ?" Noble shrugged. " If not for that damn knucklehead had crashed stage, he was still alive today," was the answer cold Noble. I was surprised, his tone, but I was not going to anything, so for now. I tried drunk and high. In one hour I had all the weeds and took a half-consumed bottle of hypnotics. None of us felt no pain and I had set Jermaine out of my mind at the moment. Burned in my drunk by Noble told me what had happened. He listened. Then she leaned toward me, and gave me a kiss that curled toes. It Lolita Pthc was better than the kiss, I has been. dream I felt good to be kissed by him. I was like a hungry man in all that you can eat steak house I pulled and pulled it clothes. He did the same with me. Ass in the air were the main room my ​​hotel room playing and kissing like crazy. "Are you a senior ? " Noble asked how I devoured her nipples. " I see," I whispered in his muscular upper body, but honestly, wants to be fucked and fucked. " Cool", he said, " I," We fell to the ground, mouth for each right and part of the body of another. The hypnotic and weeds n had our bodies on fire. Each contact was amplified and exciting. I could not believe n is, how wonderful it was. I was willing to buy all the weeds and hypnotics I could find. Noble put me in the back and slowly began to kiss my the body, slowly dripping a trail of my neck, my chest, I grabbed my cock n and it worked. He crawled over my body and turned so we were in the position of the '69 ' s. I was in his hairballs across on my face and my mouth n. I felt like I was sucking my cock, drool dripping around my ass s. He stuck his finger in me. " Ahhhhhh... Ohhhh yes," I groaned when I felt his finger on it n a, first slowly and then faster and faster. While the finger fuck me I suck cock and finger fucking please in the ass. It was wild and crazy. Hot and sexy. We were rolling on the floor go of what I knew. I could feel the back is down your throat while n to me, makes me crazy. I wanted to come so bad. That must have felt the same since he had left before, and was on all fours ready take doggie style. I grabbed one of magnum condoms and put me We started to lubricate it. I really do not care about doggy style, but I was right feeling right now. I slid my cock into her hot hole and slid slowly in it. " Mmmmmmmmm... yes... motherfucker," complained Noble as my cock left in it. I saw him, took the carpet. that wAs in all my damn him and I was damn it. " Fuck me hard," said Noble, and I was willing to meet. I removed, leaving only the tip of my penis was inside and then I crashed right in the ass as hard as I could. As I started fucking him to see photos of Jermaine in my head and in my head with Jermaine called Ass Bitch Curtis. Curtis jumped out as the dog was, and was Jermaine asked me to him and said he would do if I back. The next thing I knew I had it on all fours fucking hell out of it. Slam condemned it. Punishing your ass. I knew it was Noble n was fucking hard, but Jermaine was where I was at the top each thrust. I wanted, sorry. "Fuck my ass! " Noble was by what sounded like pain, said he squeak. "Fuck me hard... hard... hard! " was ramming his ass with fast, powerful strokes, while jacked his cock s Slam and every shot. What seemed an eternity before I was ready to yw arehen I was the powerful orgasm I ever had. I weak and tired. Noble was there with me. He tried to stop himself, he wanted to fuck me and I wanted him to fuck me, but it was only too good to leave him and exploded on the carpet in the hotel. that broke covered in Lolita Pthc sweat and semen on the ground, Lolita Pthc breathing heavily and great feeling. " Damn," Noble said, finally. " You know, like a hard ass fuck," I smiled, but only knew that I was always so fucking Jermaine images. " Thanks," he said, " but I wanted to really feel what it had to offer. " Noble smiled, " I'm not going anywhere. We will discuss the room this time. " I nodded my full consent. When I awoke the morning of the third day had been noble, but had left a note to come back, take me to the airport s more than enough time to catch my plane. I played what happens with the day the night before. Everything was with Jermaine and all that happened with Noble. Ifelt more confused than n othing. I was hurt and heart broken by the betrayal and yet he could not believe it and I was able to do that to us. All our dreams and plans were destroyed. There was no turning back. not go return. When I was in my lust, passion and attraction, which was donated to the Noble knowledge that is gone and will never see again, the perfect nightstand. He was the perfect hunting ground for my wound. Well, I was a in Atlanta a few days in the presence of Noble. What do I n to do? Brett was in his hotel room. After seeing Eric, the other day that had n and change hotels, but Hannibal and infamous do not like the idea n or worry about a person from the previous meeting. He was scheduled to meet with infamous again. Apparently, things were a bit hard court and Infamous needed some stress relief. That was his job to reduce stress. Well, s had his own stress reduction. He smoked a joint and chill out. As its phone rang, he began toTo answer it, but it was the sound that Meri his friend from New York. He had not spoken in a while and Meri decided she needed and wanted to hear a friendly voice. "Sup Meri," said Brett took to keep it strong. " Nuthin "' Meri said: "But look at this, I received a call kind of looking at you. " Eyes Brett opened in curiosity. Who could find for him? " I do not know, but he said he called former modeling agency and that gave them this number, as they live here for a while. He called want to find. " n "must see who it was and what he wanted ?" asked for advice. "All I said was that we both had work to do together, and that that would like to work with you again ? " Said Meri. Board was trying the last couple of modeling gigs had to be reused. that s were nothing spectacular. I could not imagine who it could be. " I think it's a modeling gig, Brett. And if you have a backup before you know it. " Meri saidwith enthusiasm. Brett nodded and returned to modeling was something he had set his mind s, but if this is actually a chance he could lose. " He has left a name or number? " Brett said. " No, he said he wanted his call and new mobile phone refused to give it until I talked to you.. " nodded advice: "It matters nothing, Meri, you can give him the next time called " " Cool, " Meri said. "Well, I have to go, but you keep me informed and " ? n " Meri Sure, I will," Brett said, smiling. Soon be back to the field of modeling, to which he belonged. Dalziel called the number tricked away from the Receptionist Model Agency Silver Star. It was their last known front of the person, Meri said, could be in contact with the board soon. He was glad to learn that Meri, true to his word, was the board s new cell phone number and obtained his permission to give a him. Dalziel smiled when consideringthe number. Yes, the Board had to go to get a blast from the past. This story will continue. The author would like to hear from you. You can in wyzman34 aol. com write
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